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Hot Tub & Spa Floating Thermometers
Hot Tub & Spa Booster Seat
Hot Tub & Spa Floating Duck Brominator
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Hot Tub & Spa Replacement Headrest
Your spa's filter cartridge is crucial to clean water. Filters should be cleaned every month or even weekly with heavy use, and replaced every  6 -12 months.   Use of  filter cleaner can prolong your filter's life.
Replacement Filters
Hot Tub & Spa Hand Skimmer
Hand Skimmer
Keep leaves and debris from clogging your filter with our 24" long hand skimmer.

Handle measures 10".
Great Grit Filter
Grit and other debris can enter the spa (and scratch spa surfaces) when filling from garden hoses and water heater valves.  Eliminate grit with this handy filter that attaches to any standard garden hose.
AquaQuik Pool & Spa Vacuum
AquaQuik™ Pool & Spa
This All-In-One Cleaning Tool Vacuums with a simple pulling action. No hoses or hook-ups required. Includes a slide on brush, wide-end nozzle, dual end nozzle, skimmer and wall mount.
Great Grit Filter
AquaQuik Pool & Spa Vacuum, Hottub Vacuum, Hot Tub Vacuum, Spa Vacuum
Hot Tub Hand Skimmer, Spa Hand Skimmer, Hand Skimmer, Skimmer, Hottub Skimmer
Floating Rubber Ducky with Sunglasses
Float our squeaking Hot Shots Rubber Ducks in your spa... No reason - just for fun!  Choose Larger Girl  Duck or Smaller Cool Duck!  (Sorry no sunglasses color choice.)
Rubber Ducky
Great Grit Filter, Hot Tub Fill Filter, Spa Fill Filter, Hottub Fill Filter
Insparation Spa & Bath Fragrances
InSPAration Spa & Bath Fragrances
Vanilla Twist
Spa Berry
Coconut Mango
InSPAration Hot Tub & Spa Fragrances - Rain, April Showers, Heavenly Honeysuckle
The unique fragrance blends of InSPAration are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing "Aromatherapy"experience. The large variety of fragrances create that ultimate spa experience while at the same time leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Tested by leading acrylic manufacturers, InSPAration is proven to be safe for all Spa, Hot Tub and Whirlpool Bath surfaces. Ideal for masking those unwanted chemical odors, it will not cause foaming or affect water chemistry. InSPAration contains no alcohol and is completely water soluble.  Also available in unscented - try InSPAration Just Soft Unscented Moisturizer for spa or bath.   InSPAration custom blended fragrances and moisturizer come in 9oz. Bottles.
These super soft headrests are just the thing to make your spa experience extra comfortable.  Choose from suction cup or weighted styles that will allow you to place the headrest in just the right spot!
Weighted & Suction Cup Replacement Spa Pillows, Hot Tub Pillows,
Add some personality to your spa! Float one of these fun thermometers in your spa to keep tabs on your spa's temperature, or choose our classic design thermometer!
Floating Thermometers
Rubber Duck, Sail Boat, Classic, Frog & Swan Floating Thermometers
Floating Classic Thermometer
Floating Swan Thermometer
Floating Frog Thermometer
Floating Duck Thermometer
Floating Sunny  Duck Thermometer
Floating Sailboat  Thermometer
A versatile water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying the spa.  Use as a booster seat or back support.  Made of durable, chemical-resistant vinyl.  Available in Blue or Black.
Hot Tub Booster Seat, Spa Booster Seat
Booster Seat
Floating Duck Brominator Bromine Dispenser
Hot Tub & Spa Oil Absorbing Scum Sponges - Beach Ball, Wonder Flower, Happy Face, Scumbug
Scum Sponges
Hot Tub & Spa Oil Absorbing Scum Sponges - Beach Ball, Wonder Flower, Happy Face, Scumbug
Scum Bug & Happy Face Scum Sponge - Oil Absorbing Floating Sponge
Wonder Flower & Beach Ball Scum Sponge - Oil Absorbing Floating Sponge
Beach Ball Scum Sponge
Happy Face Scum Sponge
Wonder Flower Scum Sponge
Scumbug Scum Sponge
B. 50 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge
   Diameter = 5 5/16"    Length = 101/8"
   Top = 21/8"    Bottom = 21/8"
   Replaces: APC14513, Filbur FC-2970,
   Pleatco PLBS50, Rainbow R173627,
   Unicel C-5345,
C. 50 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge
   Diameter = 4 15/16"    Length = 135/16"
   Top = 21/8"    Bottom = 21/8"
   Replaces: APC15002, Filbur FC-2390,
   Pleatco PRB50IN, Rainbow  173434,
   Unicel C-4950,
A. 45 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge
   Diameter = 6"    Length = 8"
   Top: Handle    Bottom: 1½" SAE thread
   Replaces: APC14510, Filbur FC-0359,
   Pleatco PWW50, Rainbow R173362,
   Unicel 6CH-940,
   Waterway 817-0050
Cool Duck
Girl Duck
Hot Tub Rubber Duck, Floating Rubber Ducky with Sunglasses
For use with bromine tablets, these adjustable, refillable brominators control the amount of bromine dispensed into your spa.  Choose from the adorable Derby Duck or Classic  styles.
Derby Duck
A.            B.             C.
Musk Magic
Hawaiian Sunset
Just Soft
Designer One
Eucalyptus Mint
April Showers
Floating Bromine Dispensers
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Floating Brominator, Bromine Dispenser
InSPAration Hot Tub & Spa Fragrances - Magic Musk
InSPAration Hot Tub & Spa Fragrances - Designer One & Vanilla
15 - Winter Spa Covers
Optional:  Great Barrier Filter with Genuine Reemay Advantage
Microban Antimicrobial protection.
(Blue filter media)
Replacement Filters for Dynasty Spas
Replacement Filters for Caldera Spas
E. 75 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge - Not Shown
   Diameter = 7"    Length = 14 3/4"
   Top = Handle    Bottom = 2 11/16" Open
   Replaces: APCC7500, Filbur FC-3964,
   Pleatco PCD75N,
F. 100 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge - Not Shown
   Diameter = 8"    Length = 16 ½"
    Top = Handle    Bottom = 3 5/8"
   Replaces: APCC7375, Filbur FC-3965,
   Pleatco PCD100W,
D. 50 Sq. Ft. Replacement Cartridge - Not Shown
   Diameter = 7"    Length = 10 3/4"
   Top: Handle    Bottom: 2 11/16" Open
   Replaces: APCC7499, Filbur FC-3963,
   Pleatco PCDN50N,
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Blue Filter Media
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